5 Things to keep out of your skip

Chorley Skip Hire - 5 Things to keep out of your skip

Hiring a skip from Chorley Skip Hire is ideal if you’re looking for a convenient way to remove waste from your home or your business, but there are several factors that you need to be mindful of in order to receive the best value for your money.

Unfortunately, not everything can be disposed of inside the skips that we provide for Skip Hire Chorley and they require careful disposal. When it comes to filling skips, it can be only too easy to load them with all materials, ensuring that they are removed from your premises quickly and easily- but this isn’t recommended!

Skip Hire Chorley is bound to match your project needs but can work out to be expensive if you choose to ignore strict skip hire regulations.

If you’re wondering what can and cannot be stored inside the skips that we provide for Skip Hire Chorley; consider the following:

  1. Fridges

Tempted to throw your mini fridge or fridge-freezer into one of the domestic skips that we provide at Chorley Skips? Fridges contain substances that are considered to be harmful to the environment, meaning that they need to be disposed of responsibly.

Throwing a fridge inside the skips that we provide for Skip Hire Bolton will not do you any favours, in fact, it could well hinder you. The other items within your skip could become compromised if fridges are disposed of in the same container, hence why you need to think carefully before you invest in Skip Hire Bolton and start loading your skip with electrical items like fridges.

To get rid of your unwanted fridge, Skip Hire Bolton is not the only method of disposal; you could sell it on to someone else (as long as it still works) or make the most of the collection services provided by the local council or specialist waste removal team.

Leaving your fridge out of the skip will also save you valuable space, allowing you to squeeze more in!

  1. Tyres

Skip Hire Leyland is not compatible with all kinds of waste, including tyres. Leaving tyres in skips can ultimately increase the risk of skip fires and when they are burned, they release toxic smoke that can cause chemical pneumonia if large quantities are inhaled.

Choosing Skip Hire Leyland to dispose of tyres is a criminal offence and you can expect to be handed an expensive fine should you be found responsible. Instead of throwing them inside a skip, consider reusing them or using them for a new purpose. Why not try your local zoo or sports club? They may be able to use the worn tyres for training purposes!

  1. Asbestos

Certain materials are banned from the commercial skips that we provide because they can be potentially dangerous not only for you or our fleet drivers but for anyone else within the local vicinity.

When the fibres of asbestos become airborne, they can easily be inhaled and damaging to the lungs which makes them lethal. Asbestos can lead to a fatal condition known as Mesothelioma which can lead to the death of 50% of those diagnosed with the condition.

There are several precautions in place when it comes to disposing of asbestos, however, Skip Hire Leyland is not one of them! To ensure that asbestos waste is handled and disposed of safely, you should seek advice from the professionals.

  1. Paints

Don’t be tempted to dispose of paint inside the skips that we supply for Skip Hire Preston! Any solvent based paints need to be disposed of safely otherwise there could be dangerous and expensive consequences.

We suggest that before you invest in Skip Hire Preston for your renovation project, make sure that all paint is used up before throwing the empty can into the skip or donate unopened paints to someone else. Skip Hire Preston is ideal if you’re looking to store empty paint cans or paints that have dried up with an absorbent material like sawdust or soil, so be sure to check before you start loading your skip with waste!

  1. Oils

Under no circumstances, should oil be poured down the sink or drain. Oils can cause blockages in the sewer and are likely to result in prosecution- is it really worth it?

Likewise, Skip Hire Wigan is not suitable for unsealed oils either. If possible, we recommend reusing oils that are used for cooking, this will essentially prevent the need to dispose of them.

Recycling oils doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated, it’s as simple as visiting your local recycling centre! If this is still not convenient, why not consider hiring a specialist container for oils?

Clearing up any uncertainty.

If you’re still unsure what can go inside the skips that we provide for Skip Hire Wigan, don’t hesitate to discuss your needs in detail with the team of experts at Chorley Skip Hire who are always on hand to offer their expertise.

We will be more than willing to provide you with any advice or guidance that you require when it comes to getting the most out of your Skip Hire Wigan, so be sure to call us on 01257475300!

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