5 Tips For Commercial Waste Disposal

If you’re looking for a suitable solution for disposing of your commercial waste, look no further than Chorley Skip Hire! The skips that we provide are guaranteed to accommodate the volume of waste that you expect your project to generate, offering a convenient method for disposing of your waste efficiently.

Choosing skip hire in Bolton is simple; we provide a complete range of commercial skips, allowing you to store your commercial waste reliably. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of commercial waste your project generates, you may want to consider the following:

  1. Do your research.

Before hiring a skip, make sure that you’re fully prepared! With skip hire Bolton, you want to choose a suitable skip that can store materials safely, but first of all, you should avoid overordering materials. Overordering results in more waste being sent to landfill.

It’s suggested that you review how many raw materials you order and try to keep these to a minimum, this will instantly prevent you from filling your skip up too quickly and will also eliminate the need to transport waste to be disposed of at the landfill site, yourself.

  1. Be sustainable.

If you’re looking to get more out of your skip hire Wigan; why not reuse and recycle as much waste as possible? Before throwing your waste straight into your skip, ask yourself whether it can be reused for other applications.

Sending commercial waste to your local landfill site is only too easy, but have you thought about the impact you’re having on the environment?

Skip hire in Wigan is ideal if you’re looking for sustainable waste disposal! Storing your commercial waste inside one of our skips will allow you to keep your waste out of the way and our reliable fleets will collect your full skips and take care of the disposal (aiming to recycle 90% of the entire contents!)

  1. Separate waste.

Maximise the space you have available inside your skip by separating the waste that you need to dispose of. An ideal place to start is to identify which materials can be recycled and which require careful disposal, this will allow you to store your waste efficiently.

If your commercial business generates hazardous materials, you should consider keeping these separate from the rest of the waste that your project generates. Hazardous waste can compromise the quality of recyclable materials, so be sure to keep these out of the skips that we provide for skip hire Preston!

Although many businesses generate immense volumes of hazardous waste; this doesn’t mean that hazardous waste and commercial waste are the same! Our commercial skips are perfect for storing any plastics, metals or cardboard that your business produces; however, aerosols, paints and solvents are all materials that you may be tempted to dispose of inside your commercial skip- but should be kept separate.

If our fleet drivers find any hazardous items inside our Preston Skips, they can refuse to collect your skip and you can expect to be handed a fine for not complying to skip hire legislation.

  1. Store it safely.

Any materials that cannot be thrown in your skip will need to be stored somewhere safe- where they cannot cause serious injury. Leaving your waste lying around your premises can cause trip hazards for your employees and any visitors – therefore you need to carefully consider what you do with your commercial waste.

By organising your waste safely, you have ample opportunity to save money and enhance safety. For your skip hire Preston, you should make sure that unwanted materials are stored correctly.

When loading your skips, make sure that you store waste effectively, starting with larger, lighter materials at the bottom and smaller, denser materials at the top. The heavier objects will flatten the lighter materials, allowing you to squeeze more into your commercial skip- without overloading it!

  1. Choose a suitable skip.

When selecting a commercial skip, you need to consider exactly how much waste you expect your project to generate. Here at Chorley skip hire, we specialise in skip hire Chorley, providing skips for all construction, demolition and general waste disposal projects.

Our Leyland skips are suitable for a wide range of commercial projects and can accommodate all volumes of waste! Whether it be an 8-yard enclosed skip or a 22-40-yard roll on-roll off skip, you can bet Chorley Skip Hire have just the solution!

Try to avoid underestimating and overestimating how much waste your project will generate. When selecting a skip for your commercial project, we recommend going for something slightly bigger than you need, at least then you have sufficient space to store items safely, preventing them from falling out of the skip when they are lifted onto the back of our fleets.

If you need any help choosing a skip for your skip hire in Chorley, our team of experts are always on hand to help, making sure that you don’t waste your money or end up paying more. Why not discuss your needs in more detail with us today? We will be more than willing to help you to choose a skip that will make it easier for you to dispose of your commercial waste.

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