5 Tips for Waste Management and Disposal

Looking for waste removal in Chorley and surrounding areas? Here’s what you need to consider before you decide…


If you want to reduce the amount of waste you generate, we suggest that you carefully order materials, making sure that you don’t over-order. In the UK, we are sticklers for generating too much waste, in fact, over-ordering is accountable for 60 million tonnes of waste, each year!

Choose A Reputable Company

When it comes to waste removal, Chorley Skip Hire have a wealth of expertise. Our team of friendly professionals, go out of their way to ensure you’re satisfied with the service you receive. For domestic skip hire, we provide an expansive range of sizes, offering suitability for all your home renovation needs.

At Chorley Skip Hire, we offer free delivery and collection services. You have the opportunity to choose a time that suits you for when we drop off your skip. We can leave you with a contact number, so when you’ve loaded your skip, we can come and collect it from you.


At Chorley Skip Hire and A1 Skip Hire we have a variety of skips available, so if you want a small skip or a larger industrial compactor bin, we have the perfect solution. Whether you choose our domestic or commercial skip hire services, we guarantee that we offer sustainable development. Once your skip has been collected, we take your waste to be recycled at the nearest recycling centre – saving you the hassle! We aim to recycle at least 90% of all recyclables, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly service.

Safe Disposal

Are you looking to throw away waste with ease? Our commercial skips are ideal for construction sites, they are built to withstand impact and can store potentially hazardous material. Whether it’s bricks, plastic, plasterboard or timber, you want to make sure these are out of sight and don’t end up in the wrong hands.

At Chorley Skips, our commercial skips are perfect for storing materials safely, rest assured your waste will fit in the skip perfectly, not compromising the safety of fellow colleagues or site visitors.

Maintaining Standards

Perhaps you’re looking for a tidy alternative for waste removal? Chorley Skip Hire and Preston Skip Hire offers reliability for your domestic and commercial needs. All our skips are perfect for storing waste materials, keeping waste off the ground and making it easier to clean the working environment after your project is complete.

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