Dealing with waste from your home renovation

Dealing with waste from your home renovation project

Renovating your homes isn’t the easiest thing to do- admittedly. With so much to think about, whether it be choosing the right paint colour, which windows and doors to install and the addition of new furniture, it’s only too easy to forget about planning how you’ll remove the waste from your renovated property.

Chorley Skip Hire is your go-to supplier of Skip Hire Chorley and various other locations in the North West. We ensure that any waste that is generated from home renovation projects is handled carefully and efficiently, making sure that there is no compromise to health and safety standards.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for disposing of waste materials from your renovation project, be sure to take the following tips into consideration:

Don’t dump renovation waste.

Although it may be a tempting concept to dump waste in an open area, this is not recommended! Any large, bulky or heavy items shouldn’t be dumped at the side of the road and they certainly won’t fit inside your wheelie bin… so what can you do with the waste from your home renovation?

Dumping waste from your project is illegal and can result in expensive consequences, usually in the form of a penalty or fine! Instead of dumping the materials that your project throws up, think about how the waste can be disposed of: Can it be recycled? Can you donate it to someone? Will it fit inside a skip?

Skip Hire Chorley is a great way to remove renovation waste, saving you from dumping it illegally. Find out more about our domestic skip hire services here today!

Think about the volume.

Before you decide whether Skip Hire Leyland is right for you, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of; one of these being the types of materials that will be produced.

The best way to determine if you could benefit from Skip Hire Leyland is to estimate how much waste will be generated and how much space you will need to store it. As well as this, you’ll need to take into account the weight of the materials that you generate, making sure that you have sufficient space and that your skip can still be lifted onto the back of our reliable fleets that are used for transportation.

Hire a skip.

Here at Chorley Skip Hire, we have a wide range of domestic and commercial skips available for you to choose from, providing you with more than enough space to store the unwanted items from your home renovation!

Our domestic skips for Skip Hire Bolton are the smallest skips that we provide, ranging from 2-cubic yard, all the way up to 16-cubic yards. If you expect your project to generate a substantial volume of waste, one of our commercial skips may be more suitable.

The commercial skips are designed for any large renovation project or new build- offering you ample space to remove unwanted materials and objects.

Skip Hire Bolton is often considered to be a more convenient way to get rid of waste, ultimately saving you the time and effort but also money!

Donate unwanted items.

Materials used for renovation projects can be expensive… to say the least! If you have any materials left over from your project, surely you aren’t going to throw them inside the skip that you hired?

Despite offering Skip Hire Wigan as a quick and easy way to remove items, you should try donating materials to friends and family or organisations who could benefit.

Any old appliances or furniture can take up a lot of space within a skip, meaning that you’ll fill the container sooner than you perhaps anticipated. Although we can provide Skip Hire Wigan to accommodate large, bulky items, it’s often better for you to donate items that are in great condition, providing them with a new lease of life but also saving space within your skip!

Speak to Chorley Skip Hire.

If you’re considering Skip Hire Preston as an option for removing the waste produced from your renovation, you’re in capable hands with Chorley Skips! As with any of the services that we provide, Skip Hire Chorley offers a convenient solution for removing excess materials from your property and allows you to store them in a way that’s less untidy.

Should you need to know more about Skip Hire Preston, don’t hesitate to discuss your needs in further detail with our team of experts, simply call 01257475300 today!

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