Domestic Skips – The Smart Way to Recycle Your Domestic Waste Products

Have you ever started a domestic project and quickly realised that it’s a much larger job than you had first thought? It’s amazing the amount of waste that is produced when you have a clear out, undertake D.I.Y jobs, or a carry out a renovation at home. How will you handle the waste items? Will you hire a skip, or is it easier to load up your car and make multiple trips to the tip? The right size domestic skip or container is by far the best option – it can save you time and money. Chorley Skip Hire and Leyland Skip Hire are skip hire specialists and we offer a complete service for the domestic, industrial, and commercial sector, for those in Chorley, Lancashire and the surrounding region. Why should you hire a skip from us?

Protect Your Vehicle

How much damage could you do to your vehicle by using it to transport your waste products to the recycling centre? Think about any sharp or dangerous items. These could easily tear or damage your car interior, which could lead to costly repairs. What about spillages? These could cause unsightly stains and unpleasant odours that are difficult to remove. When you factor in the number of trips you need take and the distances that you might cover, does it really make financial sense? Domestic vehicles are all right for one-off small loads, but are not designed for carrying larger domestic waste products. So, it makes financial sense to hire one of our domestic containers to make the best use of your time and money. What range of skips do we have for hire?

Excellent Choice of Skips

What if your project is small? Do we have skips for very light amounts of waste material? Surprisingly, our mini containers start at 2 yards and are perfect for small ventures. Then there’s the 4 yard skips and the sizes advance up to our 16 yard open containers. These are designed for light materials, not heavy industrial or commercial products (we also have dedicated commercial and industrial skips). Regardless of the size and nature of your home improvement project, we have suitable domestic skips for everyone.

A flexible Skip Hire Service

Do you need to hire a skip for a specific time? We will do our best to deliver it at a time to suit you. The tracking system that we have in all our vehicles assist us to meet agreed delivery times. What if you need a permit to locate the skip on a public road? We can arrange this for you. You may find it difficult to calculate the exact size of the container that you require. Why not speak to us? We can help you to work out the best type of skip to match the size of your project. This is our area of expertise and we look forward to helping you recycle your domestic waste products.

Chorley Skip Hire is only one of the many Skip Hire Companies within the Lancashire area. Our competitors include Wigan Skip Hire and Adlington Skip Hire to name a few, however Chorley Skip Hire are the most suitable for those within Chorley and Surrounding areas.

We are sure that you would like more information. Why not get in touch with us today? You can also receive a quick quote by filling in our online enquiry form now.

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