How to load a skip correctly

How to load a skip correctly

Great for DIY projects and commercial clearances, skip hire Chorley is guaranteed to save you time effort and money. And here at Chorley Skips, we can help you to make the most of your hired skip by learning how to load it safely.

The team can assist you in selecting the right sized skip for the job – saving you the hassle of having to order a second one to accommodate the excess materials – and advise you on the best way to fill it, ensuring compliance with stringent skip hire Chorley regulations. Here we look at 5 tips to loading a skip properly:

  1. Isolate hazardous waste

Separating hazardous items, like batteries, chemicals, electricals, medical waste and tyres, from the rest of the waste generated from your project is the first step in maximising your skip hire experience.

Unfortunately, our skips aren’t suitable for hazardous waste as these materials require special disposal. If you’re looking to get rid of such items, call 01257 475 300 and we’ll help you to dispose of them in the best way possible – but don’t be tempted to throw them in your skip.

  1. Break items up

Skip hire Horwich, Bolton, and Chorley services are ideal if you’re throwing out old furniture, like wardrobes, chests of drawers or chairs. But items like these are often cumbersome and difficult to store.

Consider breaking larger items into smaller parts or crushing construction materials into tiny chunks so that they can fit better in the skip without taking up too much space. This way, you needn’t worry about filling the skip before you’ve completed your project.

  1. Large items at the bottom

Our skips are incredibly spacious – even the smallest of domestic skips! If you’re to get the best value for skip hire Chorley, you need to strategically load the skip with waste – and starting with big, heavy items at the bottom will allow you to effectively utilise space.

  1. Small items at the top

Putting flat objects at the base of the skip will provide a platform for heavier, bulkier items. You can then fit smaller pieces on top of these to fit more in without exceeding the maximum fill level and fill pockets of space – allowing you to get the most out of skip hire Bolton and Chorley.

  1. Don’t overload it

Skips that have waste spilling out over the sides can be refused by our fleet driver as it’s simply not safe for us to transport them to the nearest sorting facility. You could also be handed a hefty fine for not complying with skip hire regulations.

However, all our skips have a maximum fill level around the outside which can be used as a guide so you know when to stop filling. Overloading a skip will instantly increase the cost of skip hire Chorley, which is why you must get skip size right first time.

For more information about loading a skip correctly, feel free to drop us an email at or call 01257 475 300. The team is always on hand and will happily share their expertise.

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