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Domestic Skips

Domestic Skips at Chorley Skip Hire

Domestic skip hire is a great way to ensure that any home renovation or spring clean is as stress free as possible. A skip can be delivered straight to your home and then taken away with a minimum of disruption. Even better, with a range of skips in various sizes, we can provide a complete service that is tailored to your needs meaning you won’t be charged for space that you don’t use. Our range of Domestic Skips include:

  • 2yd Mini Skip
  • 4yd Midi Skip
  • 8yd Drop Door Maxi skip
  • 12yd Open (Light Materials only)
  • 16yd Open (Light Materials only)

When considering domestic skips, there are a number of elements to think about. One of the largest issues that can arise is local council by-laws regarding the placement of skips. If a skip cannot be placed on your property, either due to insufficient space or access, it can be placed temporarily on a public pathway or road. However, councils will have their own rules on this practice and will often require special permits which will include time restraints.

Here at Chorley Skip Hire, we are experts at handling just this kind of situation and can manage the whole process from council application to permits, delivery to pick up. Contact us today to arrange a domestic skip rental from our experienced team and find out what we can do for you.

Our skips range in size from a 2 yard mini-skip to a heavy use 16 yard version, with options in-between for all needs including skips with drop down doors for lower access. We are proud of our domestic skip hire services and variety of options which take all the fuss out of large amounts of waste disposal.