Top Tips for DIY Projects Rubbish Removal

Top Tips for DIY Projects Rubbish Removal

Are you planning an exciting home renovation or refurbishment? You’d better be ready for the amount of waste you’re about to produce!

Making a big mess when doing up your house can get pretty stressful. However, if you follow the below tips provided by the team at Chorley Skip Hire – waste disposal specialists providing skip hire in Chorley and the surrounding areas – everything is bound to go smoothly.

1. Don’t Leave it All Until the End

Don’t let rubbish build up with the intention of clearing it all once you’re completely finished.

Mounting piles of waste can become a health and safety hazard. Items getting in the way, leading to slips and trips, while sharp edges can cause serious injury and dangerous chemicals can result in nasty reactions.

It’s also stressful. You’ll swiftly run out of safe places to put things, which may lead to damage to your equipment or materials.

Instead, arrange skip hire in Bolton, Preston or wherever you are based. Do so as soon as you know you’re about to create a large amount of rubbish.

If you know it will be a while until you’ll definitely need a skip, get hold of some sturdy rubble bags and designate a safe and secure area in which small amounts of waste can be placed in the meantime.

Skips keep all waste safely contained, and as soon as you request collection, it will all be out of your hair immediately.

2. Protect Yourself

A lot of the waste-producing activities involved in DIY are potentially hazardous. Knocking down a wall can lead to the production of dust that, over time, may cause lung problems. It may also send shards of material flying that can injure your skin and eyes.

Wear a mask, goggles, overalls and other protective gear when undertaking any form of demolition.

You should also protect yourself when carrying or disposing of waste. Sharp or rough edges can damage your hands – so wear heavy-duty gloves. Wear a mask when handling any chemical waste to prevent yourself from inhaling or ingesting fumes.

3. Contact the Council

When providing skip hire in Preston, Bolton or anywhere else in the local area, we remind customers that there are certain items that cannot be placed in our containers.

These include electrical items such as fridges and TVs along with other items that cannot be safely disposed of. However, many things – including bulky and electrical waste items – can be removed by your local council. Contact them for more information.

4. Plan Your Skip Hire

If you plan on arranging skip hire in Wigan or any other part of Lancashire or Greater Manchester, work out exactly what you’ll need by calculating the space available and the amount of waste you think you’ll produce.

Small-to-medium domestic projects may require a skip measuring between 2 and 8 yards, while larger ventures will need bigger containers. If you’re not sure what you’ll need, call our team on 01257 475300.

If you think you’ll need to place your skip on the road, simply inform us with a minimum of two days’ notice and we’ll arrange a permit from the local council.

Our skip hire in Leyland and the surrounding county lasts up to three weeks per booking, so be sure to factor this in. Once your skip is full, just call us and we’ll pick your container up as soon as we can.