What happens to the waste you put in a skip?

What happens to the waste you put in a skip

When it comes to dealing with rubbish in a way that’s effective, you cannot go wrong with the skip hire services that we provide at Chorley Skip Hire. Skip hire offers quick and easy removal of waste and is one of the most convenient methods for waste disposal.

Here at Chorley Skips, we provide you with the option to choose a suitable skip- matching your budget requirements and waste requirements.

Skip hire

As specialists in skip hire Chorley, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailored solution for everyone. We provide skips in various sizes to accommodate for all projects and are more than happy to provide you with guidance and support if you’re not entirely sure which is right for you.

When you hire a skip, there are several do’s and don’ts that you need to be mindful of – especially if you’re to receive the best value for your money.

Our skips for skip hire Chorley are not suitable for all types of waste and this is because some of them require special disposal.

What happens to the waste that you throw in a skip?

In an attempt to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill, the council have a Zero to Landfill policy in place.

When you invest in skip hire Bolton, we make sure that the waste inside the container is disposed of correctly. The route that your waste takes is dependent on the type that your project generates, hence why it’s recommended leaving it to the skip hire Bolton experts.

Sorting waste

Once your full skip has been collected from your premises, you may be wondering what happens to it when it arrives at the recycling centre? When skips arrive at the sorting facility, they are emptied out so that the waste can be carefully sorted.

The waste from skip hire Leyland is sorted into groups to make disposal simpler. All large, bulky items are removed and rubbish is treated appropriately in loading bays.

Waste treatment

There are several ways that waste can be treated; including shredding and compressing. Before waste materials can be reused or recycled they need to be treated effectively.

After items have been treated, they are transferred to a different container where they can be accessed and processed further.

Processing waste

Depending on the type of waste that skip hire Leyland generates, there are various ways that it can be processed.

Wood and old furniture is shredded to produce new wooden products- including pieces of furniture. Once this wood has been treated, it can often benefit the energy and horticulture sector.

Biodegradable materials such as trees, hedge cuttings and grass from garden projects are mixed together and converted into compost. Processing such materials makes them great for landscaping purposes and garden projects.

Any soils that were deposited in the skips that we provide for skip hire Preston are screened. They are processed and used for land recovery schemes and garden renovations.

Concrete, glass, stones and tiles are all materials that can be crushed. We transport skips with hardcore materials to the recycling centre where it can be processed and used for driveway and extension construction.

Electricals can be recycled and used by the energy industry for electricity generation.

Avoiding landfill

Instead of sending the waste from your skip hire Preston to the landfill site, we take it to the sorting facility where it can be treated and processed in a way that’s eco-friendly.

With landfill taxes increasing, skip hire Wigan is seen to be an affordable alternative and at Chorley Skips, we provide a range of domestic and commercial skips to help you to dispose of waste.

By disposing of waste sustainably, we prevent the landfill from overflowing and protect the environment against greenhouse gases. Skip hire Wigan is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and by not taking them to the landfill site –  we protect the environment against harmful chemicals.

Hiring a skip makes it more convenient for you to get rid of waste and provides you with the peace of mind that it’s handled safely.

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