Why You Should Hire a Skip for Garden Waste

Why You Should Hire a Skip for Garden Waste

Whether you’re totally redesigning your garden or just clearing debris that has collected over recent months, you may benefit from skip hire. Chorley Skip Hire are waste disposal experts serving the North West. Here, we explain how a skip can make garden clearance much easier.

No Mess

If you have any gardening experience whatsoever, you’ll know how much dirt and detritus even the smallest of outdoor spaces can produce! This can cause a major problem when removing that waste to a tip or elsewhere.

The boot or interior of your vehicle can become covered in soil, leaves and other debris – and cleaning this up can be very stressful and time consuming.

If you decide to arrange skip hire Chorley instead, all waste can be placed neatly in a single container. It will then be removed by our specialists, meaning you won’t need to risk the inside of your car.

Large Capacity

If extremely large amounts of waste are produced during your garden makeover, it can be difficult to work out how to remove it – and you may end up making several trips to waste disposal sites.

Skips are available in a range of sizes and can contain significant amounts of waste – so there’s no need to rely on the very limited capacity of your green wheelie bin.

Wherever you wish to arrange skip hire Bolton, Wigan or anywhere else across the region – you’ll be able to choose from containers ranging between 2 and 40 cubic yards.

Low Effort

The last thing you want after hours of hard work in the garden is to put in even more effort clearing away and disposing of all the waste you’ve just produced. You’re more likely to crave a bit of a rest!

When arranging skip hire Leyland, all you need is to let our team know when and where you need your skip delivering and then to call us when it requires collecting. We’ll manage everything on your behalf.

You can benefit from the services of Chorley Skip Hire in Preston, Leyland or almost anywhere else in the North West.


Some garden waste can be unsafe to leave lying around. From piles of rubble to unwanted thorny plants, youngsters and household or neighbourhood pets may be put in danger if certain types of debris are not carefully contained.

Skips are perfect for preventing mishaps in these situations – so you can enjoy a safer experience whether you decide to arrange skip hire Wigan, Bolton or anywhere else.


You don’t have to stick entirely to garden waste when filling a skip – you can also take the opportunity to have a home clear-out and place unwanted items from indoors inside your skip, too.

Our specialist team members are proud to provide the ease, safety and convenience of managed waste disposal to hundreds of people across Greater Manchester and Lancashire, wherever those individuals have arranged skip hire Horwich, Leyland or further afield.

For more information about our services or to ask for any advice or guidance, simply get in touch with us today. We’ll be very happy to assist you.